Anna was brought back to her village...

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2022 om 12:55

Normally, I am very excited when children go back home, but this time I am worried and sad... Anna was brought by the Police  to Amecet in October 2021. She was malnourished, had a lot of scars and was not happy. Can you imagine, how would you feel when you mother puts both of your hands in the fire, only because you were hungry and took some sunflower seeds without asking first.... She was already treated and the wounds were almost closed.

We treated the wounds further and we fed her and we loved her... She was 5 or 6 years old and her weight was 13 kg. We could see at her behavior that she was not used to correction by talking to her. She was not used to play and she had never hold a pencil in her hand...

She soaked in our attention and care, trying to please us, but she could also cry very loud if something went different as she wanted. She could also be very closed and refusing to say or do anything. 

After she was stable and more used to the environment of Amecet, things went much better. Her hands were completely healed and there was a little scar left, but it didn't effect her movements. She was gaining and we decided that it would be good for her to go to Top class from Harmony preschool.

In the meantime, our social workers were busy to contact the authorities in Anna's village. To hear what happened with the mother, is there a father in the picture, are there relatives who are willing to care for Anna?? Many questions... we heard that the mother was taken to jail for 7 years. The father was not there and the relatives were blaming Anna for the mother being taken to prisons.. Where would Anna go after Amecet?? We kept contact with the authorities from her district and it seemed that they were giving permission to find a family who wanted to foster Anna and adopt in the future. So we went carefully looking for that family. We found a lady who was very willing to take Anna as her own, but then the authorities changed their mind, Anna should come back to her village..... Knowing the way her relatives were thinking and that they were not willing to care for Anna at first, we tried to talk with them, for the best interest of Anna... But we couldn't do anything about it, Anna was going back to her village and an uncle would take her... Anna was healthy, she had gained 10 kg. during her time in Amecet. Anna was doing very good in school, the teachers love her and also in Amecet, her behavior changed so much. She even could speak English and she can write and loves to practice letters and drawings. All of this will probably end when she goes back to the village, that is why I am sad and not excited to see her go back. We went to say goodbye this morning to her teachers and it was really touchy to see the children praying for her. 

I packed her bag together with Anna, it was so nice to see how happy she was with the color pencils and the colorbook we gave her. I wonder if she would ever go back to school or write in her books...

Bye Anna, we will pray for you ........

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2 jaar geleden

Wat bijzonder (en dat bedoel ik niet op de positieve manier). Houden jullie een oogje in het zeil? Ik wen s Anna het allerbeste.

2 jaar geleden

Ach, wat ontzettend jammer dat het zo moet gaan. Ik wens en bid dat het goed mag gaan met Anna.