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The car loaded with goats, Ground nuts, Maize and Beans moving to the village........ We had planned to revise our list with grandma's and needy families, all relatives from children who have been some time with us in Amecet. We were waiting for the the rains, so that the people could plant the maize, beans and ground nuts. And then, suddenly, the rains were there...... We tried to finish the list and called all the people on it, we wanted to ask what they wanted to plant in their gardens and if they were still living where we knew they lived before. The last time we brought seeds was long before Corona.. the calling was not easy, many of the older people don't have telephones, so we searched in our files to any numbers connected with the child.. Most of the people reacted surprised and happy and they wanted Maize, Beans and ground nuts, so we went ahead and bought many kilos of them. We had enough money to also buy two hoes (kind of spade) and a female goat for every family..... We grouped the families by area and in  5 trips, all the families (who are living quite apart from each other) received their gifts: 1 goat, 2 hoes, 10 kg Maize, 10 kg Beans and 10 kg, Ground nuts. 

I let the following pictures tell the rest of the story.....

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