3 mothers died after the Caesarean operation...

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...leaving behind 3 precious new born baby's.....

It is not an easy thing in Uganda, to deliver a baby, many times there are complications, many times they reaching the Health centre or the Hospital too late and many times the baby is born at home.... We have had baby's in Amecet, whereby the baby was born on the way, or the the mother did it herself, because she was home alone..... and many times the mother didn't make it through the whole process and the baby looses his or her mother...



Michel was born on May 1st. and was brought to Amecet on May 2. His mother died from Eclampsia and the Caesarean was done to save the life of the baby.  His weight was just over 2 kg. Michel is a small sweet baby. The drinking was not easy in the beginning, but now he is picking up.



Joseph was born on May 9 and 2 days later the family brought him to Amecet. His mother had been very young and she was HIV+. The baby is at risk of developing being HIV+. We have started him on medication and when he is 1 month old we take him to the Hospital for a  blood test, which will tell us if Joseph is HIV+ or not.

Every baby who comes to Amecet, whose mother was or is HIV+., gets those medicines and also when a baby is found and we have no history of him, we start the medication and do the blood test when the baby is one month old.  We now find most of the baby's being HIV-!!! Joseph's weight is 2.4 kg. and he struggles a bit with his drinking...



Rose Joan was born on May 10 and she was brought to Amecet on May 12. Her mother also died after the Caesarean operation they performed on her because the baby's position was not right. The mother died after the operation because of excess bleeding. Rose was brought to Amecet and her weight was 2.7 kg. Her drinking goes well and she is doing good.

Three beautiful cute baby's, all three lost their mother and start their life on a very difficult way. In Amecet we are glad we can help them in this time when they are so vulnerable. Some of the relatives came to visit some of them, they are grateful for the help we are giving and we tell them to prepare, because in two months time, they will have to take over the care of the baby as a family. We only keep the baby longer if there is a problem with the baby. Pls. pray for those 3 precious little one's and for their families who are mourning a big loss.

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Truus Middelaar van
een jaar geleden

Wat fijn dat jullie weer zulke kwetsbare lieve baby’s mogen opvangen. Succes met de kleintjes

een jaar geleden

So sad dat their mothers can't watch these beautiful babies grown up.

God bless you all!

Randi Heimholdt Lunde
een jaar geleden

I fGeel for the children and their families , pray for them ,GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Randi Heimholdt Lunde
een jaar geleden