We do see change!!!!

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There are 2 months between those 2 pictures... and we can see a significance change in the two boys!! They were referred by the neonatal ward in Soroti Hospital. When they came to us their weight was 1 kg and 1.1 kg.  They were in our medical room for long, we fed them by NG tube for a while, because they were too weak to drink by themselves. They were sick a couple of times, inspite of our nets, they got malaria, but after treatment, they are fine again.

They gained, slowly, slowly, sometimes only 200 grams per week, but at least they were growing. Today their weight is 3kg and 2.8 kg!!!  I want to thank the people who have send us some  special milk formula from the Netherlands. We use it for Abraham and Joseph and it helps them so much!!

At the moment we are still battling another problem. In the blog of 27 th of February, I wrote about the blood transfusion we had to give to Joseph. By now he had 3 blood transfusions and every time his HB goes slowly down. Two weeks ago I also felt that Abraham looked pale too and after testing, his HB was also low. It was still just above the low level, which acquires transfusion. 

Yesterday, we had to take the twins back to Soroti hospital, you can see Joan and Helen sit with them waiting for our turn. The doctor looked at them, we had done a blood test on both of them the day before, and they have still a low HB. They wanted to wait with transfusion  and prescribed us a special iron syrup, which I could find in one of the drugs shops in Soroti . We started them on this syrup directly and we hope it will help them. We keep a good eye on them and we will check their HB regularly. So they keep us busy, and alert. yes , we see a lot of improvement, but they have still a long way to go...

In the meantime we have a lot of babies in the house, yesterday we received 3 new babies and we do expect another new baby today... that will bring the number 0n 22. We are still resettling children when they are ready to go home, for now, we will have 20 babies and 2 toddlers..

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Hoop dat de tweeling het zal redden . Veel sterkte samen met de zorg van zoveel baby’s.

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