The joy of meeting old friends again...

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It is always such a blessing to meet children again, after they have gone home or have been adopted. To see how good they do now and knowing that we have been involved in the beginning of that process!

The family who adopted Nico in 2010, shifted back to the  States, but came with their whole family to visit Nico's home country! Nico was their first born son, later they got three more (biological) children. It was so nice to see Nico, he is a big boy, doing well in school and is good in sports. We feel so honored that we could be a part of this! Nico was a bit shy, didn't remembered us, but it blessed us so much to see and meet him again!

This are Patrick and his big brother Job. They both came in Amecet, after they were abandoned in town. They are no biological brothers. Patrick was found at night, sitting in the street, he was very malnourished and sick. We have tried to find relatives, but all in vain. He was adopted by a lovely couple on 22/1/2018. They love Patrick and they came back for another child and adopted Job on 21/5/2018. Job was found in the bus station, nobody knows where he is from and all our attempts to trace for the family didn't succeed. Job was very traumatized, he didn't talk. But now he and Patrick are best friends, they talk and go together to nursery school. To see those abandoned, traumatized children taken into a loving family gives us so much joy!!

Acia was brought in Amecet in 2016, she was 6 years old and very malnourished (6 kg.) She couldn't sit, stand or crawl in the beginning. Couldn't talk and she didn't see much. We focused most on the malnutrition and try to help her to sit. She improved and when she left after 2 months, her weight was 10 kg. She could crawl a bit. An American missionary family helped the family, but the parents really didn't want Acia. The parents of the American family, fell in love with her and they wanted to try to adopt her, to take her for specialized therapy. They are now living in Uganda and foster Acia. There are improvements and when I saw her today, I was amazed!!! Acia is healthy, but she still doesn't talk and she can't see much. See her here standing on our Veranda!!! I am so happy that she is loved and cared for!!


It is an encouragement to see those children back and it reminds us that we were a part of the beginning of this process!! We feel thankful!!

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