Exercise at Amecet

Gepubliceerd op 21 juli 2018 om 14:15
We have 8 cute toddlers at the moment... And before last week, only 1 could walk, but now there are 4  toddlers that can walk!! Exercises are being done. On this picture you see Sam in the middle, he is not happy, because he doesn't want to walk!!!! He is almost 2 years old and very behind in his development. He does not talk and has some problems with his locomotion. He can't crawl, but he moves now on his buttocks around the room. When he came to Amecet, he couldn't do anything, so he improved  a lot!!


This is Paul, I wrote about him in the last blog. He came into Amecet, very malnourished, he had swollen legs, feet and hands, all from the oedema. He was given blood transfusion, because he was very anemic too. And he was very weak, if you see the pictures of him on the last blog, you can't believe this is the same guy!! He is eating well, but he still has the NG tube, because he doesn't want to drink milk of porridge. But he is walking around and playing and smiling!!! He is such a lovely little boy! 


He is even making a move towards Rebecca. Rebecca is also walking around now and we have another little girl, Olivia, who also starts to walk. It is so cute to see them trying, they walk like little ducks.... and they are so proud of themselves. It is really encouraging. The room is full and if you take them for their afternoon nap, it is not easy, several of them are standing in their bed, shouting to each other and laughing..... But they do all well and we are enjoying the happy group, even on the potty!!

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