A new mini baby

Gepubliceerd op 9 oktober 2018 om 16:52

A new baby, his weight just over 1 kg!!! The baby is born last night and came via the clinic of the neighbours in Amecet. The mother passed away, after excessive bleeding. The baby is premature, very small and his weight is just over 1 kg! There is no father, he ran away and the uncles came this morning to Amecet, to fill the papers and sign. His name is Godfrey, he was cold, so after weighing, we wrapped him into warm blankets, and warmed him up in the incubator. We feed him via a NG tube, because he is too small for sucking. We are not sure how much pre mature he is, according to the papers of the mother, he is 4 months pre mature, but we think it might be 2,5 month or so. He is smaller than our last mini baby, her weight was 1.3 kg.. Please stand with us in prayer for Godfrey, we feed him a little bit of special premature baby formula, every 2 hours. But he does vomit a bit. His breathing is very good, and his temperature is normal now. I will keep you informed!

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