Our Premature mini girl is going home...

Gepubliceerd op 5 december 2018 om 14:20

In August we got this little mini girl

(pictures left) her mother passed away after the delivery and her weight was only 1.3 kg. We have had some struggles with her and there were times that it did not go well, but she pulled through!!!

The pictures at the right show how well she is doing now!! Her weight is almost 4 kg. and she is going back to her relatives this coming weekend. She is a lovely little girl, she smiles, drinks good and is hardly sick now. We are so thankful that we were able to help her and we pray a bright future for her!!!!

We received yesterday two new baby's, their mother was killed by a (still) unknown person. The baby's are two twin girls and they need care and protection. The first born weights 2.2 kg and the second one 1.6 kg You can really see the difference of that 600 grams between them. The second baby is also not drinking well, so we had to give her a NG tube, so that we can give her enough feeding to grow.

Pls. pray for those little girls.........

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