Stolen baby was given back to his mother....

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Last night, I got a phone call from the Police, they were standing in front of the Amecet gate, but no one opened the gate for them. I called Amecet and they went to open the gate, the Police brought, together with a nurse from Soroti Hospital, a small 5 day old baby for safe keeping. The baby was born on the first on January in Soroti Hospital by a Cesarean operation. Someone had stolen the baby from the bed. The mother was discharged and went home, while the Police tried to trace for the baby. And they succeeded!!! So last night they got the baby and arrested the woman who had taken the child. They brought the baby to Amecet for care and safety. This morning a big group of people (16) came into Amecet, it was the Police and the father and mother of the baby, together with grandfathers, clan leaders of both sides (fathers and mothers side). It was such a joy to lay the little boy into the arms of the mother!! She was so happy, she had still a lot of pain from the operation, but she was smiling and shining all over when she saw her little son. After some talking the group left, with the little baby and they were very happy and thankful!!

And another baby- story........This baby was born 2 days ago. The story is very sad. Baby John is the 9th child and when the labour started, they brought the mother to the health centre nearby. But  it didn't go well, the mother started to  bleed, before the baby was born, the health centre referred the mother to Soroti Hospital for a Cesarean operation. I don't know how much time it took to get transport organized, that is not so simple in the village. When they arrived in Soroti hospital, the mother had died. The doctors rushed her to the operation room, trying to safe the life of the baby.

They succeeded, and a cute baby boy was born.. The family asked Amecet to take the baby for some months and we took the baby into Amecet, while the family took the body of the mother home, to bury her in the village. They gave the baby the name John.

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Jeanne van der Valk
6 jaar geleden

What are the sad situations in which these babies come into the world. But I am glad that I have been able to walk a bit in Amecet and see how they are cared for lovingly and with care. love Jeanne