Sad news

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In the last blog I wrote about the 2 Raphael's, this blog goes about one of them, the small Raphael, who is still with us in Amecet. I wrote that we went to the hospital to let the doctor take a biopsy from one of his glands and we have been waiting for the result. The result I got back yesterday..... and it was very sad news, Raphael has Cancer and it is a very advanced stage.... We have been afraid of this, when he came in Amecet on November 20,2018, we took him even the same day to the doctor and the day after that, to the HIV clinic, where he was started on ARV's. There have been x-rays, scan's, blood tests and they "hoped" that it would be TB, Raphael was started on anti TB drugs, but now it came back to us, black on white, that it is Cancer.... According to the doctor it is advanced and too far gone to start treatment.. Raphael has no parents, his father was murdered and his mother died of AIDS, she never went for treatment or ARV's and never took Raphael for treatment either. At the burial of the mother, there was a clan meeting and the clan decided that Raphael would be given to his auntie. But they saw how sick he was, so they first brought him to Amecet. The auntie came to visit Raphael twice, she is a kind lady, but we don't know how she shall react when she hears how sick Raphael really is. I am so sad about him, he is starting to adjust, smile and talk. he plays a bit, but he is too weak to really play. Someone gave him this cap, which you see on the picture, he loves that cap, and even put it up when he sits on the potty!! It stays in his bed during the night!!  We have to talk with the auntie, to hear what she thinks of this, but Raphael might stay a bit longer with us and I pray we can love and care for him, give him a banana party every week (he loves bananas) and cuddle with him and pray over him when he is sick and help him when needed. Pls. join us in prayer for this precious boy!!





Yesterday morning, I arrived in Amecet and I saw Faith sitting on the slide. She was comfortable sitting on the top, watching us coming in and smiled when she saw us! It really touched me, Faith is 15 years old and she is expecting her baby in two weeks.

It made me sad, seeing her sitting on the slide, and knowing that she might be a mother in two weeks time.... She still loves to play with the Barbie's, with the trampoline, with the swings and the slide,......she is still a child herself!!

She is doing well, she we asks her how she feels, she is fine and she is not scared of the delivery (she says...) She has been started on ARV's, as we discovered she was HIV+ There are a lot of things going on in her life....

I just wish, she could play on the slide for many more days...........

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Anneke Groenendijk
5 jaar geleden

Lieve Els, ik heb zitten huilen toen ik het stukje las van Raphael. Wat moet dit moeilijk zijn voor je en zeker om het de tante dit vertellen. laat hem maar lekker van jullie liefde genieten, tot dat zijn lieve hemels Vader hem kom halen. Hoop dat je kracht heb om deze moeilijke taak te volbrengen. Dikke knuffel en sterkte ook groetjes aan de kinderen. Sterkte ook voor de andere stafleden. 😘

anjo lawler
5 jaar geleden

my heart is crying for Rafael. We wish you wisdom to care for him and all the other ones. Keep you in our prayers.