Re-settling the children is hard work....

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Last week we were able to bring Faith back to her family, together with her 6  weeks old baby!! We love to help and take children in our home, but we even love it more to bring them back to their families!!!!  Faith was brought via the Police, she is 15 years old  and she was 5 months pregnant. She had not been living at home, with her family, for a while.. There were many issues to deal with and our social workers have been visiting the family several times, to prepare them for taking Faith back in. Last week was the big day, we were able to make a packet with some practical items, for her. Having now a little baby of 6 weeks old, to care for, makes a her extra vulnerable. Her uncle and his family welcomed her back in.. When we bring a child back to the village, we bring her back to the community... As soon as we arrived, a small crowd gathered and the baby went from hand to hand. It is the community that has to welcome her back as well.  We will visit her from time to time...

December 2018 a small baby of 1 week old was brought to Amecet. He was left behind in the hospital premises. His weight was 2,5 kg. He was small and miserable. Our Social Workers went to talk and trace and they found the father... The mother had left the baby in he hospital and she disappeared. The father didn't know where she was. We tried to let the father come and visit his son, which he did once.. Then he also disappeared....  The social workers found the grandparents in the village and they were willing to care for the baby (Moses). Moses struggled in the beginning, was sick, didn't want to drink well, but now he is doing  great and he can really giggle!! His weight is 5,5 kg and today he was brought to his grandparents in the village!! Where he is very welcome!

Then we have more tracing news!!!  We got a phone call to come and pick a baby who was born in a health centre in the village. The mother has a mental problem and they were concern about the well being of the baby. Simon received the baby from the nurse and also the Probation office was involved. After some days, we made posters with the picture of the mother (who had already ran away from the health centre) Simon and Elias went to several places to hang the posters, with the hope that someone would recognize the mother... And that happened!!! We have had contact by mobile phone with the grandmother. She needs now to get the papers to prove that she is the grandmother and then Jesca can go back to her own family!!! Tracing is hard work and it cost time and money, but it is all worth it, when you can hand the baby over to her own relatives!!!

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