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Cathy, may you Rest in Peace....

Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2019 11:23

On 26th of July my youngest daughter Catherine passed away...  only 7 weeks since her sister Sarah died... My heart is aching, my eyes are tearing... Cathy was 9 years old, a very active and fun loving girl, she loved to go to school and to play with her friends...

Cathy did not react good on the change of ARV medication and even that we stopped the medicines already after 10 days, the liver started to fail. She was flown, with the help of friends, to Kampala in an small airplane that had oxygen on board, was cared for in the I.C.U. of a good hospital, but after being in a coma for one week, she passed away due to complete liver failure. My, our hearts are full of pain, I miss her every day, in 7 weeks two of my four daughters left me.. If you see the picture above, this was Cathy, a beautiful little girl, my heart is full of pain and questions.

The YWAM community and other friends were all around us during this difficult time, Cathy got a nice burial, with 650 people attending, all organised by friends. Her grave is in our garden, next to her sister Sarah. I know they together in Heaven, no more pain and no more ARV's. Sarah loved Cathy so much and they will be together with Jesus.



This is a picture of Sarah (left) and Cathy together in Amecet. A picture of 8 years ago...

I can imagine them together in Heaven, having fun together and caring for each other. It comforts me a bit....

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Truus van Middelaar
12 dagen geleden

Hoi Els,
So sad too read this story again.
I understand that you are very sad and feel lonely moments every day. This is realy not a good thing what happens the last months in your life.
Think very mutch on you and all the other people around you. Hope you will bee strong in this very bad time off your life.
Het is werkelijk niet te geloven wat je toch overkomt deze laatste tijd.
Wens je heel veel kracht en steun van mensen om je heen en gebed.

Anneke Groenendijk
12 dagen geleden

Els als ik Cathy zo ziet op de foto dan zit je te wachten tot ze iets gaat zeggen. Ik begrijp er helemaal niks van, ook niet dat ze er niet meer is. Wat moet dit voor jou, Mary en Helen moeilijk zijn. Weet ook niet welke woorden ik kan gebruiken om je, jullie te troosten. Hoop dat de hemelse Vader je zelf komt troosten en dat hij je rust en vrede geeft, ook aan Mary en Helen. Lieve groetjes Anneke