How bad can it be???

Gepubliceerd op 25 augustus 2019 om 13:11

This is Grace, she is 11 months old and her weight is just over 3 kg.!!!!! Her mother came this week with her to Amecet, she did not know her date of birth, so we first thought she might be 7 months old. The mother told us that she is HIV+ and her baby is also HIV+, she had no ARV's for the baby, but the mother was on ARV's herself. There were two more children with her (4 and 6 yrs??) they looked well. We were shocked about the baby, but  we had the feeling that the mother might disappear if we would take the baby in. She told us that she was very poor and that her husband died one year ago. Our Social Worker, Simon, went with her to give her a lift home and to see how the situation was at their home. he talked with the neighbours, the L.C.1 (local counselor) and even went to the health centre where the mother gets her ARV's. The story of the mother was not all truth, the health centre had been given ARV's for the baby, but the mother doesn't give them to the baby, she never brought the baby for immunization either. A very difficult situation, the baby is in great danger, she gave the ARV's for a couple of week in November 2018 and then started this month again with some. 

The baby is very weak, malnourished and deheydrated, we decided to take the baby in Amecet, we talked with the community members and with the mother of course.... We don't know why the mother rejected this beautiful little girl, maybe she is angry at the father, who is alive but lives somewhere else (far). I must say that I also felt some anger towards the mother, when I asked her why she never went for immunization, she just said that she gave up.... I feel for this little girl and we pray for her, that she is not resistant for the ARV's. I also feel for the mother, she needs to come to terms with the fact that this little girl is not responsible for the situation where she is in. Pray that the mother is not taking off with the other two (healthy) children.... Pray that little Grace will start eating and drinking...

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Anneke Groenendijk
5 jaar geleden

O Els wat een verdrietig verhaal heb zoveel respect voor je dat je dit kan handelen. Heel veel sterkte en wijsheid en liefs toegewenst. Gr Anneke

5 jaar geleden

Arm klein meisje. Slachtoffer van de situatie. Kleine Grace ik zal veel aan je denken.

Els W
5 jaar geleden

Ach Els,

Hoe kun je dóórgaan, met zóveel persoonlijk.verdriet, na zoveel verlies.

Omdat deze kleintjes je nodig hebben, vermoedelijk?

Inmens respect heb ik voor jou, die nu ook een van de moeders der smarten bent....

Moge jullie ook.dit kleine meisje kunnen redden