Big developments in Amecet..

Gepubliceerd op 18 september 2019 om 14:49

Amecet had a wall at the front and at the back, we did not have enough money to do the sides. But thanks to several gifts, we could build at one side. We are more safe now, also for snakes. We are thankful for the wall and we have faith that the other side will come later. Another big development is that we are getting Bio gas in Amecet. We pay a lot for charcoal and gas (in bottles). For some years, we are looking into ways to use resources in such a way that our budget gets lower. And we have looked around and into Bio gas. With the cow dung we get from our own cows, we could be able to cut down on our expenses.. The Dutch Foundation "de Figurant" celebrated their 20 years anniversary in May with a benefit concert for Amecet. One of the projects they help us now is to set up for the Bio gas. And I think it was very interesting to see  how that goes!!

First they dug a big pit, and that was done by two guys, by hand!! It is good we have had rain, so the ground is not so hard. Then we had ordered bricks and they started to build the big tank, which had to be round at the top. And I am very impressed how they did that. It is plastered inside..

There are several pipes and openings to feed the tank with cow dung. Then it is all plastered and covered with soil again. On the picture in the middle, you see bags laying in the background, we have been collecting bags with cow dung, from several places. And they were delivered and were waiting to be put in the tank. They told us that we have to fill the tank in the beginning, which means a lot of cow poop. Later on, we just keep feeding day by day a  smaller portion. On the last picture, the cow dung is put in the cement opening with water poured on it and they stir it.. This is a big job, because a lot of cow dung is still waiting to be poured in. They explained to me that it has to ferment and that than the gas is formed. We are planning to cook on it in our outside kitchen ( you see that in the middle picture at the back) and also in the inside kitchen. We even plan to have our lights on it. And we are looking forward to cut down in our expenditure. 

I am really amazed how they build this all, without any machines....  Before we started, we looked in other places where they have done this and it is working. So we trust that in a little while we cook on the Bio gas and we can have our security light and the lights inside the house on this Bio gas as well. It will be great when we have no problems anymore when the electricity is off, which happens quite frequently!!! 

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Truus van Middelaar
5 jaar geleden

Wat een Geweldig én waardevol project Els.
Je vertelde toen al eens, dat de electrischiteits rekeningen zo hoog waren.

Siem Bakker
5 jaar geleden

Mooi om te zien en schiterendr muur wordt het.