A story at the post box.......

Gepubliceerd op 27 mei 2020 om 14:39

Today I want to share something what happened, last week, at our Post Box. I check the Post Box a couple of times a week. Since Uganda went into Lockdown, we had only  once mail, all the other times there was no mail and the men in the mail office didn't know when it would come again.... They told me: just keep checking...…. But last week I received a message on my phone from them, that the mail had arrived and our little box was full, if I could come and empty... Of course I went the same day!!

When I took all the letters and magazines out, I walked back to the car, when a lady came to me. She said that she wanted to thank me for the help we gave her, by paying the scan for her baby... I honestly couldn't remember her and I asked her how the baby was doing now? She told me that the baby had died...… wow, what do you say then...…. I said I felt sorry for her and asked some more details, the baby had died in the hospital, she had a heart problem and was very sick and just died..... A difficult situation..... Then she said that her other child was now sick, I asked her how old the child was and what the problem was. The child had asthma, I told her that there was a special clinic in the hospital on Thursdays, she told me she had taken the child there, but the doctor told her that she needed to buy an inhaler for the child. She had gone to the pharmacy and they cost 15,000 shillings ( almost 4 euro). And she had only 7,000 shillings. I felt for her, this lady really cares for her children and I am sure she was scared to loose another child.. And now she was trying to get 8,000 shillings (2 euro). I was sad and aware again about the struggle where so many mothers go thru..... I  opened the car and put the mail on the seat, then I got into my bag and handed her the money. I wish you could have seen her face!!!! She was so happy and told me that she was going directly to the pharmacy to buy the inhaler. She thanked me several times and walked off to the pharmacy. I climbed in the car and then I looked into the back-view mirror... I had to laugh.... I saw the lady walking away, with her arms up and jumping up and down...…. It made me laugh and I knew I had a lesson learned today in gratefulness.... This lady was so thankful for such a small gift,  this attitude I want more in my life and also that even with a small gift I could make a difference into someone's life. I want to be more sensitive towards the needs of those around me, even small gifts can be a big blessing to some one else!!!

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4 jaar geleden

Wauw Els wat een geweldig verhaal. Dit zijn de licht puntjes die de Heer je geeft. Heel veel zegen!

Anke Steens
4 jaar geleden

Mooi verhaal Els, zeker in deze tijd van de Corona perikelen realiseer ik me hoe goed wij het hebben vergeleken bij vele anderen.

anjo lawler
4 jaar geleden

thank you for your honesty Els. Yes it's sometimes hard to count your blessings, and be grateful. And we have so much more. A good reminder for me.