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In spite of the Covid 19 crisis, Amecet is functioning... We don't have  so many children as before, we work with less staff, only the staff who is able to live in, but we are do our core business, helping children to shine again!!! On this picture above (in Aug.) our social worker, Elias is going to bring Godfrey back to his family. Godfrey was found by the Police and thru the tracing, by hanging posters around the place where he was found, we found his family. He gained weight during his stay in Amecet and he is much more healthy now. Elias has been meeting the family before and we trust that Godfrey will do well at home again!!


Samuel was brought to Amecet by his mother (June). Because of Covid, we were at first careful to take him in and gave the mother milk money for feeding, but the following week, when she came back, it was not good with Samuel. He was 6 weeks old (left picture) and his weight was 2.1 kg, while according to his papers, his birth weight was 3.4 kg. We took him in and he did well, look at his picture at the right, last week his mother picked him up, he is back home and we help with milk money and porridge flour.


Ali was brought by the Police in June. Very malnourished and big wounds (decubitus) and very hard to handle, he is spastic and can't sit or talk. He is around 5 years, we think. His family was found, but not much willing to help him. we started by treating his wounds, trying to feed him and hold him. He can be very angry and then he bites and slaps you. But things changed..... he started to eat better and his wounds were healing (by honey). He laughs and we took him to physio therapy, he hardly uses the right side of his body. Look at the picture right.... He enjoys music, certain toys, being talked to and played with!!


In the beginning of July the Police brought Esther to Amecet. A very small, premature baby, weighing 1.2 kg. Later we heard that Esther was aborted and by mistake she came out alive... We worried a lot about this precious little girl, a couple of times it went almost the wrong way, but after all the intensive care, incubator, oxygen, feeding tube, today she weighs 2.5 kg and you can see on the picture at the right , what a sweet little girl she is. It gives us so much joy, to see this little girl coming up and it is worth all the worries and hard work!! God must have a special plan for Esther!!!


He was brought by his grandmother. The mother died after giving birth. Augustin was a tense little baby, he could not relax, even after his bottle feeding. He was malnourished and cried a lot.

Today, look at the right picture, he laughs a lot and is a very cute little boy, ready to go back to his family!!!!


Joyce was brought by relatives. Her mother died after giving birth and later came out that the mother had been HIV+. We had put Joyce on medicines in case she was also HIV+. It was not easy with Joyce in the beginning, she vomited a lot and she didn't want to drink. We struggled with her and after the HIV test the result came back: Joyce was also HIV+.

She is now on the ARV's and is drinking much better, she is gaining and smiling a lot!!

Our social workers are visiting her relatives, we pray for her future..



We get regular children via the Police. They were found or there is a crisis in the family and the child is not safe. We try to find the relatives and a safe home to re-settle  the child as soon as possible. Sometimes the child needs some time to rest and and heal.

Ezra was like that and when he came he was fearful, not trusting us and weak. You can see the picture at the right, this just a couple of weeks later, he is laughing, playing, eating good, able to trust us and talk. In the meantime our social workers have been busy to locate the relatives and had meetings with them to find the safe family for Ezra to go back to. We gave him the name Ezra, but we found out that his real name was Elvis... He is back with his father.

This were just some of the children we have been working with during the last 3 months. We might not have so many children as before Covid 19, but we are busy with the ones we have. Only the staff that is able to live in, is working at this time and we are closed for any visitors. I wanted to share with you the joy of seeing the children shine again, God is working in Amecet, it is not easy for the staff to be in so much, but we know that we have to be careful as the corona virus is still going around. Please keep us in your prayers

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Truus Middelaar van
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O Els, wat hebben jullie weer veel mooie opdrachten binnen gekregen.
Ben in gedachten zoveel bij jullie.
Stuur veel heilige geest kracht.

anjo lawler
4 jaar geleden

It is so nice to read those positive stories. Because it don't go all the time like this.
I'm proud of you guys. to keep caring for those little ones, again and again. The Lord will notice it, your loving care, for the little ones.