Transfer for Ali.........

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No, we don't talk here about a football player transfer, but about our dear Ali. Ali was brought to Amecet on 1/6 /2020 by the Police, we soon found the grandfather and heard that his parents abandoned him and nobody really wanted to care for him.

We think Ali is 4 or maybe even 5 years old and you can see in the picture left that he was not a happy fellow when he came. Severe malnourished, sick and deep decubitus wounds. He couldn't eat and he just screamed.... We took him in, cared for his wounds, loved him and fed him and we could see a change coming... We brought him to the Physio therapy in the hospital, they taught us certain exercises and he was given a special chair. His wounds started to heal and he started to eat and smile.....  

His hands started to open and he could grasp toys, he recognised people and he could have whole conversation with you (in his own language) He laughs a lot but he could also let you know when he is annoyed. The whole Amecet staff loves him and he brought a lot of laughter! 

              JULY                                                            AUGUST                                                      SEPTEMBER                                              OCTOBER

We have come a long way together since the day Ali came to Amecet, but we felt that he can do so much more and that we don't have the abilities to help him in that. For the last 2 months we have been searching for the right place to help Ali further in his development. We were afraid that when he would go back home, he would go back into that  miserable stage he was in when he came. And we found the place.... in Soroti!!! he is accepted in St. Frances, a home for disabled children, where they have the people to help him to develop more and better. Simon, our social worker, went with the Probation officer from Soroti and the social worker and the Sisters from St. Frances to Ali's family and they all agreed that Ali will be transferred from Amecet to St. Frances!  And yesterday was the big day that we gave him over in the hands of St. Frances, we will miss him, but we are so thankful that we could play a part in Ali's life and we can still visit him!!!

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