8 children went home!!!!

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In the last 3 weeks we said goodbye to 8 children!!! This is really our joy, to see children go back home, happy and healthy!! The picture above was of one of them. This was a special happy occasion, the little Benjamin came to Amecet because his mother has a mental problem. Two years ago we had also a baby in Amecet from the same mother. That baby is adopted by a lovely family, here in Teso. The same family is now adopting this little Benjamin, so he will at least have a real brother. It was a very happy day!! You see the big brother who came with his parents to pick his new baby brother.


On 24/9 Stella was brought, late in the evening, by some "good Samaritans", the father lost his senses after his wife died suddenly after the delivery. She did well, and her weight almost doubled. The father recovered and Stella has gone back to her brothers and sisters and her father on 25/11.

Joyce was brought to Amecet in the night of 27/6. Her mother had died and she was also HIV+. We started Joyce on the medication and when she was old enough, we did a special HIV test. Two tests were done, the first one came back negative, we were happy for Joyce, but then the hospital called, the second test had come back positive, so we went back with Joyce  for more tests and they came all back HIV positive..... Joyce was started on the ARV medicins and Simon, our social worker visited the family several times, to talk with them and prepare them for the time Joyce would go home. Joyce stayed a bit longer, so we knew she was fine with the ARV medicins and the family was ready for her. She is doing very well and is a very cheerful little girl. Her aunt came to pick her on 25/11


Felicia was the 6th born and her mother died after giving birth, she was HIV+ and she had Hep.B.  In the beginning it was a bit difficult with the drinking, she did not gain much. We had also started Felicia on the special medicin and we took her for HIV test when she was one month old. All her tests came back negative!! And she also started to pick up and gain.  it is a beautiful little girl, whose smile will melt you!! She went home to her family on 8/12




Emmanuel was brought to Amecet because his mother died during the delivery of eclampsia. The family was  very upset and asked us to care for the newborn baby. 

Emmanuel stayed two months with us and was picked on 10/12 by his father. he is very welcome in his family.



Mercy was brought to Amecet, her mother had died after the delivery. She was very young, still a school girl. It was a big loss to the family. The family of the (young) father will care for her and they came to pick her on 15/12.  It is good that we know she will be loved and cared for. Our social worker had been visiting the family to see if they were willing to take the little girl.

Hellen has also a sad story behind her coming to Amecet. Her mother is still alive, but she has a serious mental problem and wanted to kill her little baby. The grandparents came to bring her to us and asked if we could are for her a little while. We did and our social worker has been visiting the family  in the village. The grandparents will care for her, the mother is gone, they don't know where to. 

The grandparents came to pick her on 15/12. 

Lambert was picked by his father on 17/12. He was brought to us because the death of his mother. She died of an emboly. Lambert was not a happy baby at first, he was a tall baby, but skinny and he cried a lot. You can even see it on this picture, the worried look in his eyes. He has changed so much, we tried to hold him a lot, but that is not always possible when there are 10 other babies to be fed and cared for. The eyes are so much more peaceful, we pray he will get the attention and love from his family. The father was very thankful to take him home!



You can image that it was strange to see so many baby's go home. But that is what we do: we help in time of need, the we release them back to their relatives.....where they belong...... We are thankful for the role we could play in the lives of those precious children. We pray that they will be well!!

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again ladies, what a reward for all your care. Keep up the good work. And also the social workers, and the ungles and auties who work in the background to take care of the little ones. God bless you.