Smiles are so important.......

Gepubliceerd op 22 oktober 2021 om 14:53

This is the same baby as on our last blog: Messach!! We did shave his hair, but there is another big change........... Messach knows now how to smile!!! This is so important that children smile, it shows that they feel content, happy and safe. I think we can't let a child go back home when the child doesn't smile! It is good to work on the malnutrition, the medical problems, but we also need to think about the psychological problems. We have had children who were very rigid and always  you felt their tension when you carry them, we need to find a way that we can help the child to unwind and to relax and to feel happiness.....

Left is Anna (5 yrs.), three days ago,  she was brought by the Police from another District. You can see a small smile already. She has not yet many reasons to smile; her mother tortured her and put her hands in the flames of the fire. Both hands are burned... but they are healing and Anna feels safe and can smile again!!


At the right is Edmond (6 yrs.), he came this morning. He is malnourished and has malaria. But he sees opportunity to play and is also already smiling! It encourages us and I am sure it helps the children with the healing process and the processing of what is going on in their life! 

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