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During my last year of high school in America, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to take some time out of my fast paced, western life after school was over, and care for some of His neediest children in a world far less privileged than the one I had grown up in. When I found Amecet online, I knew that was where He was calling me to be.

From the four months I spent at Amecet I gained a love for the people of Uganda and their beautiful culture, an appreciation for the people across the world that answer God’s call in their life no matter how difficult it may be, and a stronger relationship with Jesus. All of the aunties and uncles were so kind and welcoming, and I truly fell in love with all of the children at Amecet. Their stories, as painful as they were, allowed me to see how deep the grace of God really does go. It is an experience I will always treasure, and it is a place I will always hold very dear to my heart. 

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