We got two new little girls this week.....

Gepubliceerd op 26 augustus 2022 om 09:40

The first baby was brought on Tuesday, by Simon, our social worker. He got a phone call from the Police, to come to the hospital to get a baby who was in danger. The mother of this little girl has a mental problem and was trying to strangle the baby. People around her took the child, but she was wild and the Police was called. The mother ran away and the baby was brought to Amecet.. She is a big baby, her weight is 8 kg. and we think that she is 3 or 4 months old. Feeding was not easy, she was used to breastfeeding, we think. The next day Simon tried to get more details about the mother, but she was not admitted in the hospital, the police had brought her there to be admitted in the mental unit, but she escaped before they could take her details.. Then he got a phone call that the mother was spotted somewhere in Soroti, together with the Police he went to see her. And they found her.... she was wild again, but could answer questions, she told him that the baby's name was Immaculate and that she was 3 months old. She could also tell them, where she came from and after some discussion, Simon and the Police decided to bring her home (1 hour drive) on this way, they could also meet her relatives, which is important to know when the mother disappears again and the baby will have a family.. Immaculate is drinking well now and smiling a lot. We wait and see what is going to happen with the mother, who also needs help. Please pray for the relatives, that they will take care of the mother and that she will be able to pick up and care for her little girl.

The second girl came yesterday. Also via the Police, but a very different reason. The father brought her himself, he told us that his wife left the family 4 months ago and he does not know where she is. Manuela is the youngest of 5 children and the grandmother is helping caring for her. But she is malnourished and he does not know how to help her.. Manuela is 1 year and 7 months old and her weight is 7 kg. If we compare her with the three months old Immaculate with 8 kg!!!!! She is a sad little girl, but is not sick, no malaria, no HIV, but she is weak and malnourished. We believe that she will pick up and be able to play and walk around again.

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