Two abandoned little girls find their new family!!

Gepubliceerd op 7 augustus 2022 om 13:42

Regularly, the police brings children to Amcet. The children are found somewhere, left behind by their relatives, somewhere...... In December 2021, a little girl was brought. She was left behind in a village church... We gave her the name Esther.  Our Social workers did all they could. They traveled to the church, talked with the people there, hang Posters with the picture of Esther, we made radio announcements, we put her picture in the local newspaper twice..... But nobody reacted, no relative, no neighbour, nobody...... In the meantime Esther was growing, started to play, reacted to the aunties and started to walk...... She is a little naughty, adorable girl, who really needed a family where she belongs...

In Amecet, we do the best we can, but children need to live in a family, where they belong. When a child is abandoned and we can't find any relatives, there is a process..... The Police gives, after some months, a clearance to find a family for her, the Probation Office is involved, a foster family will be found, forms have to be filled, interviews are done, the house is inspected and the new care order is issued by the Court. Then the day comes that we can hand over the child to the new family!!! (after several visits to bond first). 



Rose was brought to Amecet on the first of January. She was only a couple of days old and was found in the hospital. She was not a patient, so there was nothing recorded. A young girl asked a lady to hold her for her, because she was needed in the ward. The lady took the baby, but the girl  never came back and nobody knew her. They brought the baby to the police and that how Rose came to Amecet. 

We did the same process as we did with Esther, nobody reacted, nobody had seen the girl or knew her...  On the radio and the newspaper messages came no reaction. So we were able to find a family for Rose as well

It is such a joy to hand over those children to a family who is willing and able to care for them. If you read back on the blog of 23rd of March 2022, you see a big group of families and children who were able to finalize their adoption. All those children were without a family and local families were standing in the gap for them. We pray that Esther and Rose  will find their own place in the home and hearts of their new parents and clan. That they will be a blessing to each other and that they will grow up, knowing that they are loved and wanted!!

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Anneke Groenendijk
2 jaar geleden

Wat fijn dat Esther en Rose naar een liefdevolle familie zijn en dat ze daar mogen op groeien als lieve jonge dames. Ben blij voor ze.