Malnourished and abused....

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Jovan was brought to Amecet by a NGO, which works in the village. He arrived yesterday evening. Jovan is 12 years old and he weighs 15 kg. If I believe the pictures, made by the NGO 10 days ago, his weight has increased a lot!!

Ivan was abused by his father and his stepmom. He hardly got food, was beaten and he had to sleep with the chickens, they told me. Jovan was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for malaria and malnutrition. He was discharged yesterday, but the NGO didn't dare to bring him back home. So they came to Amecet asking for help.

When I saw the little boy, I felt for him, this boy has lived through so much suffering... His eyesight is almost gone and he lost ability in his right arm and right leg. They told me that he was normal when he was around 5 years old and in the hospital they said that this is all the result of severe malnutrition. Because of the feeding in the nutrition unit, his eyesight is already better, we hope and pray that it will continue to improve. We have to do exercises with the right arm, hand and leg and we have to bring him for review to the Physio therapy in the hospital, next week. Jovan is a sweet boy, he talks and he loves to eat!!! Which helps us in helping him!!!

Last week we got a call from the Police, there was a child, whose mother tried to kill her. The mother was in the police custody, but the child...could they bring her to Amecet, it was a child of 2 years old. I told them they could, and I called Amcet, to tell them that the Police would bring a child with a referral letter. One hour later, I got a call from Amecet: "Els, the Police brought Gloria!!!".

Gloria was brought in June to Amecet by the Police. She was abandoned by her mother. We took her in and our social workers traced for the mother. They found the mother and talked with her and since that time the mother came to visit Gloria every Friday. It went well between them and in September, we put them on the bus, back to her village. The mother wanted to go back to her relatives. And now she is back in Soroti again and she tried to kill her daughter..... Gloria came back in Amecet, lost some weight and she had also lost the little lights in her eyes, she looked dim and sad. Now we are some days together with her and we see the lights back in her eyes, we hear her laughing again and hear her high pitch voice talking without we understand what she says.

Two children with very different stories, but both in danger because their very close family members, who would be the one to protect, to care and to love them, brings them in danger, even in danger of losing their life.... Pls. pray for both of them, Jovan has a long way to go to get back his health, pray for the future of Jovan and Gloria, pray for us that we make the right decisions. 

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Ach Els, wat een verdrietige verhalen. Wat erg dat de community niet eerder heeft ingegrepen bij Jovan. Ik wens beide kinderen het allerbeste. Fijn dat ze nu bij jullie zijn.