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It has been a long time, since I wrote the last blog.............but here we are again, we have been around, we have been busy , but sorry we have not been writing... The picture above is from the same boy from the last blog ..Jovan is still with us and we have seen a very big difference and progress!! ITo remind you, I show the picture from November 22 and the picture from January 23.

As you can see, there is a big difference, not only in weight, but also in his radiation.. We saw, when he was doing a bit better, that he had many problems, one side of his body was not functioning as well and his eye sight was very minimal. But he was cheerful and LOVES to eat. He gained 8 kg. since he came in Amecet. And you can see that, when you see the difference in his arms and legs. He almost has to go on a diet..

When the NGO, which works in his village, brought him to us, they asked if we could help with his malnutrition. We agreed  and also went with him to the physiotherapy in the hospital. They showed us exercises, which we could do with him, to help him to walk again.

Jovan can stand up on his own now and he can walk!! He talks and has stories and most of the time he is in a good mood. We are in contact with the NGO, who works in his village and has the contacts with his family and the authorities there. Very soon, he will go back to the village. The NGO will decide if he goes back to his father or to the grandmother.. 

Our work for Jovan is done, we did what we could do for him, we pray that his family is as excited about his progress as we are and that they will accept and love him..

Then I like to share about Samuel. I never wrote about him, but he has been with us for quite a while.. He was brought to us by his father, he told us that his wife had gone  and he tried , but could not look after him, because he was sick.

Samuel was 4 years old and his weight was 9 kg, he was very weak and could not walk alone, he was too weak. He didn't understood any English, only Atesso, the local language. He didn't like eating too much, so it took time to get him eating better. But he didn't got much stronger, then we saw the big swollen glands in his neck, they were hurting him. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for it, we had to try several different ones, but the glands stayed swollen.. We went for a X-ray and there was a possibility of primary TB, we were send to the hospital for anti TB medicins. And they helped, slowly the glands were getting smaller, they didn't hurt anymore and Samuel got stronger, eating better, very active and he was able to go to the Harmony nursery school. The school did him a lot of good, we could hear him singing the songs and he started to speak English so well. Samuel is a very smart little boy, I could have long conversation with him in English, while he could't speak one word of English, 4 months ago!!!

In the meantime we investigated the home situation. There were a lot of lies.... The mother left the family a long time ago and there was a stepmother, who abused Samuel a lot. We found the mother and she came to visit Samuel, together with his older brother. They agreed that Samuel was coming to live with them and the father also agreed. Last week Samuel went to his mother. We helped finding a school nearby and help with the school fees. Samuel is still taking his anti TB medicins daily, so we keep an eye on him. but it was amazing to see the metamorphose, from the little weak boy that was brought to us, to the chatting, bouncing boy, leaving us with his mother.! The goodbye hug with his big friend Amos was touching.......

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Fijn ,weer echt op de hoogte van het reilen en zeilen met de grotere kinderen . Succes daar samen

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Fijn om weer een update te lezen, God bless you!