The story of Aron..

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In the beginning of March, a lady came to Amecet, carrying a small boy. he was weak, malnourished, looked very pale and could not talk or walk. She asked help, she told us that she was his aunt and that there were no parents to care for him. We looked at his medical papers and saw that he was not referred to us, but to the main hospital in Soroti (they came from the village). Because of the state he was in, we also felt that he would be better helped in the hospital, there are doctors and he might have to have several tests done. We explained to the lady and send her on to the hospital. Two weeks later I got a phone call from the Nutritional ward in the hospital. If we were able to do the after care for a little boy, who was out of his serious phase, but needed more help. I went to the hospital to see the situation and found that it was Aron, the same boy who came 2 weeks earlier with his aunt to Amecet.

He was responsive, smiled and nutritionist told me, he has gained well, but that he still had a way to go. They also started physiotherapy with him, the left side of his body is not working well, it almost looks like he had a stroke in the past. He can not talk, he makes noise and that is how he shows his happiness or his annoyance. His grandfather was there as well and we tried to get his date of birth.... not easy, his father was shot dead by the Karamojong ( a tribe north of Teso) and the mother abandoned the children with the grandparents (father's side) and has a new family now.

The grandfather told us that Aron was born before Corona (very helpful) and after the rains, a bit in the middle of the year. So we came out on June 1, 2019......

We decided to take Aron to Amecet for further Nutritional therapy and also to take him regular to the Physiotherapy for exercise. The good thing is that Aron loves to eat!!!! But he hates the Physiotherapy...... In the hospital the Physiotherapist taught us which exercises to do daily with Aron. And we did, but if you didn't know, you would think we were killing him, screaming and fighting, but we continued and it went a bit better, it was not really painful, but he was just annoyed and didn't like it.

He gained fast and after 4 weeks we were graduated from the Nutritional unit in the hospital, where we went for checkups. The Physiotherapy went well, still with a lot of noise, but he could walk with the help of one of the staff.  He even enjoyed that.. yesterday his aunty came to pick him. She will be the one to care for him at home. She was very happy and surprised to see him doing so well. We showed her the exercises and how to help him walking and she promised to do that with him at home. We could really see that she cares about him, it helps us to release him back to his family...

Please say a small prayer for him tomorrow, as it is his fourth birthday.........  and for his aunty, as it is a big task she has now on her shoulders..

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