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One kg. is not so much, but if you only weighs 1.2 kg. and the you twin brother (who was born after you) weighs  2.3 kg. then is it another story..... Yesterday two little twin brothers, Peter and Simon, were brought to Amecet. They were born that same day and their mother died only 2 hours after the delivery.. The first born baby was very small and the second born baby was much bigger. we put them in our medical room, because especially the little one, needs lots of extra care. This morning we took them to the doctor and the doctor started them both on IV medication. We also give them Nevirapine, it is a drug for baby's whose mother was HIV+. This is not really sure, but we didn't have all the medical papers, just to be sure... Peter is the little one, he is not drinking much, but we will give him some time, we feed every 2 hours, if he will not do better, we will start feeding him through a NG tube. Pls. pray for these two precious boys, 1.2 kg. is not very much and they are both very vulnerable.

There are not so many children at the moment in Amecet, we have released several children back to their relatives in the last 2 weeks. But I want to tell the story of one new boy.  He was brought two weeks ago, a lady brought him, together with a letter from the police. She had found the boy near her gate. It was a very sad looking boy, we thought he must be around 2 years, (he had a lot of teeth) but his weight was only 4.4 kg. He was weak, sick and miserable. 

When you looked at him, he just closed his eyes, he just didn't want to see you. We took him to the doctor, he had infections and was anemic. He had malaria, but he liked to eat and he loves to drink milk!! we had no name, so we gave him a name: Jeremiah..

This last week we tried to talk another time with the lady who had found him, there were some strange  twists in her story. Then we made radio announcements about him and we printed some posters with his picture and telephone numbers. If anybody would recognize him, they could call the police or us.

The same day we got a phone call,  someone recognized the child and he could give us more information.. To make a long story short, the lady who brought the child was the stepmother and her husband is the biologic father of the child. It took some work to get to the father, but at the end he came to Amecet to talk and we got more information. We told the father that the child needs help and we are willing to give that help, but he needs to be prepared to come and visit and to prepare a safe place for later.. 


We see already a change in Godfrey (yes, we know his real name now), he smiles, plays a little and gained a little bit of weight. He still  has a long way to go, since we also discovered that he is HIV+



                                                                        This is another set of twin brothers, Opio and Ocen, they are now 9                                                                                     months old. They were also malnourished and weak.Their mother is                                                                                   HIV+, but after testing the boys, they are both HIV-!!!!

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Randi Heimholdt Lunde
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So many problems for the children ,also so many who died in the childbirth , its so sad , good luch .