We picked a newborn baby from the village...

Gepubliceerd op 30 augustus 2023 om 23:57

This morning we got a phone call from a village, it was from a police post. There was a newborn baby, born early in the morning, and the mother has a mental sickness and had walked away.. If we could help??  After some discussion, we decided to go and pick the baby, they were trying to find transport to bring the baby to Soroti, that would then be by a motor cycle and we felt that it would not be good for this newborn baby, the baby was not been fed either. So we decided that we should go by car and bring a bottle milk with us. It was  just over 1 hour drive, the roads were not so bad and we met the policemen and the Community Development Officer. We first fed the baby and we heard the sad story.

The mother was known by the people there, last night, she had contractions and a good Samaritan took her inside her house around midnight. At around 3 am, she got real pains, the lady who took her  in, checked and saw the head of the baby already. She went outside to get help and in that time the baby was born. The nurse who was called, cut the cord and early  in the morning they brought them to the health centre to  be checked by the doctor. But the mother decided to ran away... We also got the story that this baby was the second born, the first baby didn't make it because of mishandling by the mother.  The baby was a little boy, very cute and together we gave him the name Joshua. Andrew and I went on our way, back to Soroti and the Policemen and the CDO promised to try to find the relatives of the mother.

On the way back, I  tried to give some more milk, the baby had not drank anything after he was born..

In Amecet, Joshua got a bath, we weighed him (2.6 kg) and he opened his eyes and looked at us, so alert, so cute... It was as if he wanted to say that it was good, that he felt safe.. We took him to the doctor, everything was fine, we were told to try to feed him regularly, because he was a little bit dehydrated. 

And now he is laying in his little bed, safe and cared for. He will be fed every two hours and we pray that he will be well. My heart goes out to his mother, I wonder where she is, hope she is okay and will not get any infection when she is wandering around. Please pray for little Joshua and also for his mother.

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