Swaddling class in Amecet..

Gepubliceerd op 16 september 2023 om 15:43

Every month we have a meeting with all the staff, there is communication, we ask their opinion for certain things, they can bring up things they want to change or bring into a discussion. We also have every time some teaching, some of the subjects were Fever, Diarrhea, potty training, HIV, burping after drinking etc. This time we were talking about swaddling the baby. On internet there are very nice little teaching films and I had collected all the dolls in Amecet and we were practicing.. We had a lot of fun....

Just to be clear, the dolls are laying on the floor, the baby's stay in the arms..... It is good to explain why swaddling is bring safety to the baby, it reminds them to the small space inside the womb. And to know what is the safe way to do it.  last week I went into the baby room, one of the baby's was crying. After checking how long ago the baby had been fed and changed (that was just 30 minutes ago), I decided to swaddle her. I did and put her back in her bed and looked to the other baby's, I turned after that again to  Rose and saw she was already sleeping.....  Proof that it works!!!! 

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