2 abandoned baby's in 4 days..

Gepubliceerd op 10 november 2023 om 12:37

On Tuesday, the Police brought baby Moses (at the right) to Amecet, we think he was only 3 days old. A beautiful baby boy, the umbilical cord was still there. And on Friday we got a call from the Police if we could come and pick an abandoned baby, he was found the evening before... We think that he is around 1 month old, we gave him the name Tom..


baby Moses was found in the neighborhood of a swimming pool, so that is why the Police gave him the name Moses..  He is a beautiful baby, looks healthy and the cut umbilical cord was still there. We took him to the doctor and he felt that he was a healthy baby. We gave a couple of days IV antibiotic, just in case that he had got an infection going on. He drinks well.



We got a call from the Police station in Soroti. They had brought a baby who they had found the previous evening abandoned in a garden. We went to the station to pick the baby and to get some details. The baby was maybe 1 month old. He was much darker than baby Moses. We gave him the name Tom. And our social workers went later to the area where he was found to hang some posters and ask around.

 When I am honest, my first reaction, when we get those small abandoned baby's, is not so positive. I wonder how a mother can do this, carrying a baby for 9 months and then abandoned the baby.... My heart goes out to the little baby, abandoned and still so young and vulnerable.. But when you think about it, what must have gone through the mind of that mother, how did she come to such a decision?? What pain must it have cost her?? Very many times the mother is so desperate, she can not think of another solution. She might have been left by the father of the baby when she became pregnant. Maybe she has been thrown out of the house by her family. Or maybe she was a student and was stopped from school, because of her pregnancy. I have seen it so often, the boy goes free and the girl has to pay the price.. So please pray with us for the mothers of those two little boys, that they might find someone to help them and that we will find them and the baby can go back to where he belongs...

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