Exiting news from the Farm..

Gepubliceerd op 3 november 2023 om 14:30

This is a picture of the new Greenhouse in our farm!! I wrote in our blog of August 9 about our first eggs of our chickens and about the plans we had in the future for the farm. Last month we got some men coming from Kampala to build our Greenhouse!!

We are planning to grow the vegetables that we eat in Amecet and we started this week with the planting of the tomatoes!! Frederico (on the picture left)  is the enthusiastic man who oversees the farm. 

There is a special irrigation system in the Greenhouse. We are still planning to update the irrigation system on the field, so that we will have always water for the plants which grow outside.

At the moment, we have only one cow, who is with young. But we are preparing the farm with planting Elephant grass and  special trees as food for the cows we want to buy in February. The grass is growing well!!

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Wat een prachtige ontwikkelingen Els. Op naar veel gezonde producten van eigen grond.
Wat jammer van de koeien. Jullie hadden toen al een heel koppeltje .