7 new children in 7 days..

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We have 7 new children in Amecet, our social workers have been busy. We got several phone calls, some from concerned relatives, some from Police and Probation Officers (children protection). Every district has a Probation officer, most of them know us and have been referring children in the past. On the picture above,m you can see a meeting in one of the Districts near Soroti, where the Probation Officer asked us to come and asses the situation of a child. Other children come to Amecet because there is a problem in the family and the relatives ask us to come and look at the child. We always investigate the situation, ask input from the Local  Counselor, we see if there is a relative where the child is safe. If the child is in such a condition like, sick, malnourished or very weak, we take the child to Amecet. During the time the child is in Amecet, our social workers try to find a safe place for the child.

The first two children came on Wednesday (Nov. 15) They were brought by the mother. But we went with the mother to her home, to take a baby just like that, is risky.  When the mother decides to ran away, we have no clue where to go for the relatives. The two little twin girls were badly in need of help, so we left them in Amecet, while we went with the mother. The situation was confused, but we got the community involved and enough people who cared for the mother. The next day the father came by and first wanted to take them out, because he had not given his permission. We had tried to, but he was not there and didn't answer his phone. After talking with him, he understood and agreed. The social workers went to to Local Counselor and the baby's Grace and Faith are doing well, they are growing... 


That same day, Wednesday, our social workers were gone to the village. The Probation Officer had asked their help for a small boy. The situation was sad, the mother had disappeared and the father is in jail. The little boy is with an uncle,  but he is not doing well, he is depressed and sad. The Probation Officer asked us to take him for some months to help him to get out of his depression. Rafael is only 2,5 years old. So Rafael joined Amecet as well.

The next day, the social team went to visit a family in the village, a concerned neighbour called us. There were two boys, James (left) he is 6 years old and his weight was only 8 kg and Lawrence, a baby of 1 month old, malnourished and with skin rashes. Their mother has a mental illness and the children are in a bad condition. In the time they are in Amecet, the social workers have to find relatives in the clan who can care for them later. James can walk, but he doesn't talk.

The next day (Friday) our social team went together with the Probation Officer to a family  in the village. There was a baby who was in a dangerous situation. The mother has a mental illness and she feeds the baby tomatoes and greens. The family could not do anything, they were afraid of her. The plan was to take the baby from her and bring the boy back to the relatives after 2 months. They were able to get the baby. The baby is 2 months old and looks healthy.  It is a sad situation, the baby belongs to the mother and normally it is the best place to be for a baby. But in this case the baby can be in danger, so this difficult choice is made. Simon weighs 5 kg. more than the twins Grace and Faith, who are also 2 months old..

On Tuesday (Nov. 21) Johnson came in Amecet. It was a complicated situation. The mother came to Amecet for some months for out-patient support (porridge flour, sugar and soap), but he was losing weight and we suspected the mother to sell the sugar. Our social team went to her house and talked with the community and the counselor, they found the father and together, they agreed that Johnson was in need of help. He is probably around 1 year old, his weight is 3.8 kg and he is very weak and miserable. So he joined our Amecet family.


All those children are brought to the doctor, tested for different issues. Two of them can be HIV+, we need to wait for the results, but they are on medication. Three of them had  malaria and started on treatment. We made different feeding schedules and different feedings. But all of them are in need of love and cuddles!!!


We ask you to pray for those 7 children and for their families... Pray that our social workers find the right people who are willing and able to care for them when they are healthy and stable again. Pray for our staff that they are able to care for them

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Wil van Duijn
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Wat een prachtig werk verrichten jullie daar in Amecet! Erg fijn en positief om die mooie verhalen te lezen! We blijven bidden voor het in stand mogen houden van jullie werk! 🙏🏻💪💪💫❤️