World AIDS day 2023

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It is like a tradition, every year, on the first of December, we remember the children who died that year in Amecet. We speak out their names and we tell something significant about them, how we felt about them or what they taught us. At times it can be very emotional, because we cared for them and we felt the loss...... This year we had only one child we remembered, little Peter, a premature baby, who was only 25 days old when he passed on. 

I picked some special flowers in our garden, the Morning Glory (eendags bloem in  Dutch) Those flowers are beautiful, but they only bloom for one day, in the evening they die. Sometimes we see that with our children, they bloom only for a short time, then they pass on, but they are beautiful and we enjoy them for the time we may...

On the first picture you see a small vase with nice flowers, they represent the children who are living and shining, after we named the child who passed on, we celebrate the children who are alive, we thank the Lord for the ARV medicines, for all the finances  we received to care for the children, for the staff who cares for them and we sing together. 

In the past, we had years, we had to light 10 or 12 candles, we lost so many children, especially to HIV/AIDS. Children were brought to Amecet when they were very sick and what ever we tried, it was too late. We see a change in that, we don't get so many HIV + children anymore. I think it has to do with the good way the Hospital gives the Mother to Child prevention. Children are given medication directly after birth, when the mother is HIV+. It prevent the baby to get HIV+ as well. So we see the good effect from it, another reason to be thankful.....

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6 maanden geleden

Wat fijn dat er steeds minder kinderen met hiv bijkomen. Hier hebben we ook steeds minder kinderen met hiv. Ik heb een uitstervend vak. ; ) Gelukkig maar.