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Christmas is the season of giving and blessing other people. As Amecet, we were so happy to receive an extra gift which enabled us to give Christmas blessing to 50 needy families in the villages. They are all somehow connected to Amecet, most of them had children staying in Amecet for a short time, many are grandparents or single mothers. It was such a joy to bring them a packet, as you see in the picture above, this grandma is very happy, almost dancing... Our social workers went around in the villages to bring the parcels.




The parcel contains different things, very different from our Western Christmas packets, but this is what the people need and it can help hem to have something special during the Christmas days...  

We gave them all a jerrycan, to fetch water from the borehole (not on the picture) , then we got them Posho, rice, beans, onions, sugar, salt, tea leaves, soap, 1 liter of cooking oil and some lollipops.

The families were living very spread out in the Districts around Soroti. It costed Andrew and Simon several days to reach them all. Some families were asked to come to the main road to pick their package and the grandmother carried everything on her head back home (with her grandson on her back!) other families we could reach easier and we brought it to their home.



In the blog of April 22, 2023, i wrote about the seeds we brought to the families and we also brought around 35 goats  to families.

It was so great to see that several families had small goats and they were very proud to show us.

We pray they have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy 2024

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