Christmas party in Amecet

Gepubliceerd op 21 december 2023 om 08:35

Yesterday we celebrated the Birthday of Jesus as the Amecet Family. We were all together and it was a happy party. Earlier the day, several staff had been cooking, together with our cook, a nice meal and two weeks before we had all drawn a name from a fellow staff member and we were all ready to bless that person with a nice gift!

We were all sitting in a big circle and one by one we gave our gift to our collogue. It was great fun, there was music and people went dancing to gift their gift to each other. The toddlers were with us and the baby's were in their bed, but on their feeding time they were fed by a staff.. 

We were all there, our foreign volunteers, the guys from the farm, all the care takers and our support staff, it was really fun! 

When everybody had a gift, the unwrapping begun, it was so nice to see all the happy and surprised faces when they unwrapped their gift. We closed with eating the real nice meal and everybody (except the staff that was on duty) went home with an appreciation from Amecet as well.


We also said goodbye and prayed for Hope, our nurse. She has been with us for two years and is leaving to go for further study. We  will miss her a lot, we wish her the best with the studies and God's blessings. Thank you for your kind heart for he children and your spirit of helping when you had to go out at night,  to give injections...

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