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One  month ago, we got very tiny, mini twin boys in Amecet, Abraham and Joseph, their weight was 1.160 kg and 1.050 kg. It is such a challenge to get those little ones.. They were one month old and of course premature born. They were together in our medical room and we feed them by NG tube, because they are too weak to drink themselves from the bottle. They are gaining, very slowly, but steady, Joseph, the smallest one  (on the picture) his weight is now 1.8 kg!!! His brother is almost 2 kg. but Joseph got malaria, and he was treated by IV medicines. It looked that it went well, on Saturday, we did a malaria test again and it showed no malaria parasites.... But he got some fever the night before and our nurse saw that the feet were white, quite suddenly, so we did a blood test again to see how his hemoglobin was, it was very low... The doctor told us that he needed blood transfusion.. And it was Saturday...  That means that it is even more difficult to get blood in the main hospital...  They called me (it was my free day and was planning to go with my daughters to a wedding). But I went to Amecet and got all the papers and went together with Simon to the hospital.. There was some blood in the blood bank, but not the right blood type. The man with the key to the new blood was coming.. I sat there, and I decided I would stay there until I got that blood, I would not go out of there without that saving 23 ml blood A+.... It took almost two hours, and knowing that this little baby was not doing well, made me nervous. We had taken his saturation before I left, it was also going lower. This blood was the only thing that could help him...

When the man with the blood came, they helped me first , I had not moved from my chair, so they were happy to help me. I got also more blood to give to the clinic next to us, so they would have blood in case they (or we) needed more during the weekend. We drove fast back to Amecet and after cross matching the blood with the blood of the baby, Joseph was hooked up and got the precious saving 23 ml. blood.

And it is amazing, his little feet became pink again!!! The Saturation went up and he did much better. The next day on Sunday we were suppose to give him again 23 ml. blood and yesterday, on Monday, we were doing the blood test again and to our surprise was the HB even lower than when we started!!! We were shocked and the doctor told us to give him again a blood transfusion, his third!! He was also started on a IV antibiotic, since he still had a fever now and then. Today, Tuesday, we went again for a test and yes!!!! his HB was gone up and he was very much better, his fever had not been there during the night, so we were very happy for the little man!! We will test him again tomorrow, to see if he is steady now,.

Yesterday, late in the day, a new baby was brought. His name is Peter. he is a little boy of 5 months old and his weight is 3 kg.... Very malnourished, we got the request to help him via the Probation Officer from another district . He had been in the hospital there, was discharged and came back again and had not gained any weight. He is 5 months old, but has the weight of a new born baby, only 3 kg.. We took him in Amecet and went today with him to the doctor and for tests..

He is also very anaemic, his HB was as low as Joseph's HB on Sunday. he also needed to get a blood transfusion. But we didn't have to go to the main hospital again for the blood, since I brought on Saturday blood for the clinic !!!

So he is right now on Blood transfusion in our medical room, he was also started on IV medication. since he has  a sepsis as well. 









Here are our two nurses in action! At the right is Sharon, who has been with us for several years and at the left is Immaculate, our new nurse who took the place of Hope, who went for further studies.

We are happy with them, they love the children and are dedicated to help them, even if they have to come out of their bed in the night to give an injection or to put a NG tube back.

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