Fire prevention training in Amecet...

Gepubliceerd op 22 februari 2024 om 14:47

This month, we invited the Police department which helps when there is a fire, to come to Amecet to train the staff in fire prevention  and what to do in case...... We have several fire extinguishers in our homes, they were due for refill, so we could use them to empty, during the training. 

There were two Police officers, who came at the appointed time to Amecet. And the staff gathered in our hut for the lesson. We got told about the different kind of fires (like electrical, oil etc..) and how you always first would try to removing the feeding of the fire. It was quite a long story, but it was done well and it was interested!! Of course we continued with feeding some of the baby's during the lesson, because it was their feeding time!! And after the lesson, we all moved to the parking area, where we we got the chance to use the fire extinguishers to practice on real fires!!  Simon was the one who was making the fires  (which he enjoyed..) and all the staff got a chance to hold the extinguisher and use it on the right way to stop the fire!!   

It was good to do this together, we hope we never use them in real, but it is good to know how and to know what to do in case of....

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