Amecet story 5. Introducing: The Caretakers..

Gepubliceerd op 17 mei 2024 om 15:45

 For more than 22 years, the caretakers of Amecet cared for all the 1198 children, we had in Amecet. Of course the faces have changed, but the care is still the same!! Without these precious ladies, there would be no Amecet... They bath the children, feed the children, change the diapers, play with them, cuddle them, love them, sometimes do exercises with the children. 

The staff works in 3 shifts, the first shift start at 7 am in the morning, they work until 3 pm. Then the second shift starts at 1 pm, they work until 9 pm in the evening. The night shift is only 2 staff workers, they start at 6 pm and they work until 7.30 the next morning. They feed all the babies in the night and when there are sick children, they keep an eye on them. When there are no sick children, there is also time to sleep a little.

At the moment we have 19 caretakers in Amecet. They cover all the 3 shifts, and we work 6 days a week. We have monthly staff meetings, where we teach certain subjects (like fever, Infections, bottle feeding, potty training etc.) to train them for better service in Amecet. We also give them opportunity to bring up things that bothers them or changes they would like to see. The staff workers are coming mostly from Soroti, but also from the villages around Soroti. We give them the opportunity to live in our staff house if they want to.


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