Amecet Story 9. Introducing: our Support Staff

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This team is the backbone of Amecet!! This are the people who are working behind the scenes, and when they are not there, everything goes wrong....

From left to right:  Irene, our Laundry lady; Jennifer, our Cook; Christine, our Cleaning lady; then David and Calvin, our compound men.

Have you ever washed diapers for 16 or 18 babies on one day??  

That is a big job and Irene does it every day and not only the diapers, but also all the other clothes, blankets, bibs and sheets. And she even smiles when she does it. We are blessed to have Irene working with us and she is a big blessing to Amecet!


This is Jennifer (left), she cooks everyday for us. She cooks for the children and for the staff. There is an inside kitchen and an outside kitchen. During the day, Jennifer uses the outside kitchen, but in the evening and at night the staff uses the inside kitchen. Jennifer finished cooking today, the pots are standing on the counter (right) and waiting to be served for supper. As everywhere, the kitchen is a very important place in the house. 



And than there is Christine, she helps us to make sure that everything is clean. It is important that the children are in a clean environment. Most of the children are malnourished and weak, their immunity is not very good, so Christine cleans the house, the bathrooms and the bedrooms. She is a very hardworking lady, often she helps the other ladies with folding the laundry or making the chepaties.  She has been working for a good number of years in Amecet.

Then we have our two uncles... The support staff are part of Amecet, the children call them aunties and uncles. And the uncles are also very important for the children. Often is their father image not so good, so the uncles have an important part to play.

David and Calvin are with us for many years, David started to work with us in 2006 and Calvin joined him in 2007. They are responsible for the compound and many more...  They make sure that the flowers look nice, that the grass is kept short (this is also against snakes), they clean up things and they do small maintenance jobs. They care for our watch dogs and David goes to the market to buy the tomatoes etc. Calvin goes every day to the bore hole for the drinking water for Amecet. He collects it from the bore hole and we feel it is more safe to drink than the water from the tap, which we use for bathing and the toilets. Calvin sweeps the Amecet compound and gets sometimes help from the children, he is so patient with them and often gives them a ride in the wheel barer. 

Without the support staff, Amecet can not function. We are happy with these uncles and aunties who are doing such a great job!

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