The tears of the little people

Gepubliceerd op 6 juni 2018 om 09:37

Even after so many years working with children, I am still asking myself, what world we live in, that people can do those things with children... Lately we have taken some older children in  Amecet and their stories make me so sad and angry at the same time....

A small boy was brought, we think he is around 5 years old. He was kidnapped 4 months ago, to be sacrificed, but because he was circumcised, he was not a good sacrifice and the police found him somewhere far from his home, on his own... His own father was involved in the whole thing!!! They told us that he was traumatized... At first he was wild and not listening, but now he is okay, loves to play around the house and he loves to eat!!! Then a 16 year old girl was brought by the Police, she is 6 months pregnant, from her stepfather.. The mother is angry, doesn't want her at home and will never accept the baby, she says. Another girl of 11 years old, was brought last week, she was raped by her stepfather, she is not pregnant, but the stepfather is HIV+, so the danger is that the girl will end up HIV+, she is now on ARVs. She can't go back home, because the mother blames her and forgives the stepfather, who is taken into police custody. My heart goes out to those children, who have now scars for their life. Simon and Elias will be busy finding the right place for them to go to, we heard that there are relatives, who want to take them, but first, we need to go and talk with them. So the children are with us, and it is so good to see them play and laugh. They feel safe and for now is that very important. They love to jump on the trampoline, kick the ball and color in their coloring books. We hope and pray for a safe place for them, after Amecet...
Betty is still with us, but very sick and very weak. We ask your prayers for her. She is sleeping a lot, but has pain all over the body, she doesn't want to sit, or to go outside, she can't stand or walk. She stopped eating, even the things she likes, like bananas etc. We can only feed her via the NG tube.  It is so hard to see her like this. We pray that the Peace of God will be with her and we try to make her as comfortable as possible.


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