Study "Cow" tour to Kumi

Gepubliceerd op 7 juni 2018 om 13:49

Last Saturday, we went on a study tour to a Cowsfarm in Kumi (around 45 minutes drive from Soroti). Now we have our 3 Frisian cows, we want to make sure that we do the right thing and that we get as much milk as we can. Via some friends in Holland, we got a contact in Kumi. It is a Dutch project and they have 85 Frisian cows. So they are much ahead of us!!? 

We went with David and Bosco, David works in the compound of Amecet, cares for the dogs and also helps with the cows. Bosco is the person who cares for the cows. Simon was with us, he has been much involved with the whole cow project, and I went along to meet the people from Holland and also visit their bakery......

We learned about extra feeding, which they make from Maize and they showed us how they store that, so that there is enough food in the dry season. I had no idea how much a cow eats.... a lot!!!! And the more feeding, the better the milk!!


We were shown what the best grass is and David and Bosco recognized it, we have that grass also in Soroti.

We got a tour over the farm, this is the stable where the calfs sleep, the bigger cows sleep outside. It was an interesting time and I am sure we got some good ideas what to do with our three cows!!

We ended our visit in the bakery. They bake on wood and the bread is really nice. They are willing to bring twice a week the bread to Amecet in Soroti, so we will have fresh bread from now on....

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