Betty's suffering is over.....R.I.P.

Gepubliceerd op 11 juni 2018 om 16:20
Today, Saturday, I got a phone call at around 5 pm., Betty was doing very bad. I was at home, because of my free day, just wanted to start cooking, Mary and I jumped in the car, leaving Sarah in charge at home, with Helen and Cathy.
When we came in Amecet, we saw a big change, she was really dying now. I have been writing in different blogs about Betty ( April 28, May 15 and 21 and June 6). It is so hard to see a child of 13 getting slowly worse and worse. You can't do much about it, just trying to make her comfortable.
This picture is from 2016, she was with us and left to go back home, very happy and healthy. Betty was HIV+ and her father and stepmother would care for her at home. But this year she came back, brought by another organization, which works in the village with HIV+ children. We tried, but I think that Betty was already too sick. And when she became more sick, Betty gave up, I think.
When we came in Amecet today, the staff had already prayed with her. Betty was restless, a bit scared as well. Mary and I were just sitting with her, holding her hand, touching her, and telling her that is was okay, that we loved her, she became more peaceful. There was a moment that her room mate Harriet came in the room. At first a bit scared, but then she also stroked her head. It was so special, Harriet told her that God knows it all...... We had both tears in our eyes.. The moment of her last breath came fast, she was very peaceful and just stopped breathing... It was a sad and also special moment, to be there together with Mary, with this precious girl, who had gone to her Father! After they cleaned her and removed the IV. cannula, the catheter and the NG tube, we went outside, where the other children were. I told them what has happened with Betty and Mary translated me. In the past years, I have done this so many times, than Mary had been among the children, today, she was there for the children, to explain what just had taken place inside the medical room. Together with the children we went to look at Betty, we prayed together.
Betty, thank you for your sweet spirit. We have cried for your suffering, now we dry our tears because your suffering is over, you are now with Jesus!!! We only feel the pain of missing of you.......

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