Pls. pray for this pre-mature mini girl...

Gepubliceerd op 14 augustus 2018 om 09:11

Yesterday, Baby Anna Grace was brought to Amecet by her uncle and grandmother. She was born after 30 weeks of pregnancy. The mother had not expeced her to come yet, when the contractions started, they set off to the health centre. But  the baby was born on the way, at the side of the road....The mother passed away, due to heavy bleeding...The baby was, ofcourse, very small. They brought the baby to us. The baby was cold and a bit dirty, you can imagine how that must have gone, there at the side of the road.... So our nurse, Deborah, first wiped the baby, as fast as she could, we weight her (only 1.3 kg.) and dressed her and she was placed in the incubator. They tried to feed her, because she had only be given some drops of water, but she couldn't suck. So a NG tube was brought in. After trying to warm her for an hour, they took her to the neighbours clinic and the doctor saw her. She was started on IV medication, against infection and also for her lungs. She was also put on oxygen, because the saturation (oxygen level in her blood) was low.

This morning she was fair, her temperature was normalised and the saturation was also normal. She was fed every two hours by the NG tube, a little bit of pre-mature baby formula and she cried a bit.....

Anna Grace has still a long way to go, she is not yet out of the danger zone, but she is a fighter!!! Please join us in prayer for the life of this little one, pray for us as staff, we have now 29 childrenin our home and Anna Grace needs a lot of attention.

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