Meeting an old friend again...

Gepubliceerd op 9 september 2018 om 15:38

This week I got a phone call from the Probation officer; Els come to our office, there is here an old friend, you have to meet again!! So I went to the probation office and there I met Brenda!!!! I first had to look very good, but then I knew, this is Brenda, who we got in Amecet in 2005. She was rescued from the shrine of the witch doctor. When she came to Amecet, she had everywhere big wounds, even from nails and burn wounds. She stayed quite a while with us, but we got her re-united with her mother in Kitgum, in the North of Uganda. She now stayed for a while in Soroti again, with her auntie, she goes to P6, but the family moves back to Kitgum  It was so nice to see Brenda again after 12 years!! She is a young lady now, she is happy and looks very healthy. This as such an encouragement, Thirteen years ago, this girl was in a terrible state, she was to be sacrificed, the people around the home of the witch doctor, warned the Police and they rescued her. In Amecet we saw the wounds heal and also her emotions started to heal. And now I saw a young girl, happy and healthy!!! I thank God for Amecet and I thank Him that I was part of the healing of this girl!! 

Brenda in January 2005                                                                                            Brenda in September 2018                 

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