Toddlers.... we love them!!

Gepubliceerd op 5 september 2018 om 14:14

Lately we had a lot of toddlers, out toddlers room was full and you have to have your eyes everywhere, because they do all kind of things they should not do... On the picture above, Paul and Gilbert are sitting together and have a nice time....eating the flowers!!

It almost likes if we do not feed them, Jasper and Olivia are eating soil!!! But when you see the tummy of Matthew, sitting on his scooter, than we know, they do get food!! Potty time is also very noisy, they sing, chat and play....

The toddlers go for a nap in the morning and also after lunch. As you can see on the first picture, they have a great time, they talk and laugh and they throw their sheets on the floor. At the end they sleep, see the picture of Gilbert, he is the leader of it all and he sleeps when it is almost time to come out. Olivia got hold of the smear/lotion, and decided to give herself a good 

Last week we were able to bring some of the toddlers home. It is a bit easier now, but we see it also as a good sign, that they are getting naughty like normal children. When they come into Amecet, most of them are malnourished, sick or traumitised, when they start playing and exploring the place, we see it as a step forwards! But I must honestly say that seven or eight at the same time, is a lot of work........... 

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Anneke Groenendijk
6 jaar geleden

Wat leuk Els om dit te lezen en de mooie sprekende foto's te zien. Als dit zie heb ik was ik maar bij jouw en de lieve kinderen. Lieve groetjes!