PARTY TIME...Anna Grace weighs more than 2 kg.!!

Gepubliceerd op 23 september 2018 om 14:12

Today we had a small party, Anna Grace's weight was today 2,030 gram!!! This is such an accomplishment, this baby was born 10 weeks early, at the side of the road and her weight was 1,3 kg.. She has been in a room, seperated from the other children. Fed via the NG tube, but this little girl is a fighter!!! We are very happy to see her coming from so vulnerable up to this day!! She is still small and vulnerable, but  now we have confident that she will live!!!!

That is why we had soda's for the staff today, to say : "thank you"  to them for their commitment towards Anna Grace (and the others..) and to encourage them to go on!!!!! 

We have more good news, I wrote, some blogs ago, about two mini bay's, Anna Grace and Stephen. Stephen is doing also very good, he is 2.2 kg today and he drinks so good. You can see him on the picture at the right...

There is another boy who makes us all very happy,  Raphael, a boy of 12 years old.. He was brought in Amecet on August 2. He was very unhappy, malnourished and sick. He is HIV+ and we took him to the HIV clinic, he has not been taking his ARV's very well. But after some days his behaviour changed, he said strange things, acted strange. We took him to the Psychiatric ward and there they diagnosed him with HIV/AIDS related psychosis. They prescribed medicines for him. We had to keep an eye on him, day and night, also for the other children, he could walk thru the rooms and you don't know what he would do next. I was even thinking of bringing him back home, but we decided to try a bit longer and he picked up!!!!! Now he is such a sweet boy, he started to eat good, when he was so sick, we even had to bring in a NG tube, because he refused all food, drinks and medicines. Last week he went to school!!!! He is so happy and we too! You see his two pictures below, one from beginning of August and the second one (7,5 kg heavier!) from today!!!

This why we do it, to see children happy and smiling again, playing and being naughty!!! We did get some new children in Amecet this last 10 days. Another baby who lost her mother, just after the delivery, a baby whose mother has a mental problem and the baby was in danger. A child of 4 months, whose mother has been sick since his birth and passed away. another child of 7 months, whose mother died suddenly. At the moment we do not have very sick children, Martha the sweet girl from the last blog, was very sick last week, but today she was smiling and playing again! 

We do have worries about Jane, a 2 weeks old baby, who was brought here out of the hospital, where she was born by Caesarian section, but the mother has mental problems and refuses the feed the baby. Jane was born with a hydrocephalus  (water head) and we have to take the baby to a special hospital in Mbale (2 hours drive). So every day has new challenges... and we go on!

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