To the Hospital with baby Jane..

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Yesterday morning we, left Amecet at 8.30 am, to travel to Cure Hospital in Mbale. This hospital is specialized in neuro chirugy and treats children with Hydro cephalus and Spina Bifida. We had asked the grandmother to come with us, she is willing to stay with Jane in the hospital, in case they want to admit her. Elias drove and he dropped us at the hospital and while we were waiting there, he drove to visit a family and had an appointment with the Probation Officer in Palisa. 

Jane is a 17 days old baby with a hydro cephalus. She came in Amecet after the doctor in Soroti Hospital asked us to help. The mother of Jane has a mental illness, Jane was born by a Cesarian section, the mother didn't allow anybody to toch her. The grandmother was too busy to care for the daughter and to also care for Jane was too much, the mother didn't want to hold her or to feed her. Nobody know who the father of Jane is, the mother was raped. It is a sad story....

On the picture, our nurse, Deborah (right), waits, together with the grandmother in the hospital. We waited a lot yesterday!!!! When the doctor saw the baby and he listened to her chest, he told us that there is a murmur in the heart. He send us to another hospital for an echo of the heart. Deborah and the grandmother went on a boda to the other hospital, while I waited for Elias to come back. When he came back we also drove to the other hospital, where Deborah and the grandmother were still waiting for their turn... The doctor who did the echo found a hole between the left and right Atrium.  With the results we went back to Cure Hospital, where the doctor explained to us that they can not operate her now, we need to go first to a cardiologist to get permission for the operation and they are only found in the Heart Institute in Mulago Hospital in Kampala... We drove back to Soroti and at 5 pm we were back home! We need to plan for the Kampala trip, that is too far to do in one day, we will have to spend the night in a guesthouse. 

Jane is a cute baby, who drinks well, we hope and pray that the operation can be done soon, to help to drain the water out of the head. We ask your prayers for this little girl, who has a loving grandmother, who wants to care for her.

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