R.I.P. little Godfrey......

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Little Godfrey left us peacefully on Friday morning (12/10) at 6 am. I wrote in the blog of Thursday, that there was no news about him. But that day it went already difficult. I was with him almost the whole day, and I saw that his saturation (level of oxygen in the blood) was dropping. I went to the doctor and he prescribed IV medication and to put him on the oxygen machine. His temperature was also not stable and he vomited small amounts. I really felt for the little man, so small and so fighting for life. We prayed as a staff, for him and asked God to touch him , but knowing that God knows the whole situation, we trusted Him for whatever would happen...

In the night, the saturatiuon dropped more, in spite of the medication and the oxygen and in the morning it dropped so low that he slept in peacefully, there was no battle, he just left us. It is still a shock and we were all sad, we had really wanted him to live.... We bought a small coffin and and laid him to rest. In the little coffin he even looked more small and vulnerable. We had called the family in the village, so they knew what had happended and were waiting for us. We drove to his village and we saw the little grave, dugged next to the still fresh grave of his mother, who had been buried 2 days ago.... We shared with the family and neighbours what had happended with little Godfrey and we left them to do the burying. As we drove back to Soroti, over the small village roads, we were all thinking how fast it can go and we should not take life for granted.. Simon, who was driving, got a phonecall, a new baby was being brought to Amecet,..... We know that Godfrey is safe now, in the arms of Jesus, and we....... will care for the next baby.....

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.ik ben hier stil van. God weet, Hij is elke ademhaling bij deze kleinen en ook bij jullie. Veel sterkte.