Remember Anna Grace?????

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I wrote about Anna Grace in the blog on 14/8/2018. She was brought in Amecet after she was born 10 weeks too early and her weight was 1.3 kg ( see picture left). We have been struggling with her, at times it was very hard and we feared for her life. But see the picture now (above). Her weight is 2.8 kg today and she is gaining every day!! She drinks very well and she is a beautiful little baby!! We are so happy with her and we thank God for sparing her life.. We need to look at those "success stories"  at times, esspecially after loosing baby Godfrey (read the last blog).  That can be so sad, when you try and try and still the baby dies. Rejoice with us in the life of Anna Grace!!!  We have already three new children, one baby was brought to Amecet, while we were bringing the body of Godfrey back to his family. that was baby Rosemary, her mother is agressive towards her, she has a mental problem and the grandmother and great grandmother brought her to Amecet, so we keep her for some months, while they go for treatment for the mother. Then on 16/10/2018 two twin sisters were brought to Amecet, they were born the evening before by a Caesarian operation. The mother had passed away. They were called Mary and Esther, Again sad stories, but the baby's are doing well and they all drink good.

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anjo lawler
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What an encouragement to see Anna Grace.
Keep up the good work Els, social workers, aunties, etc. We will do it as well, through our prayers.