Fire in our kitchen...

Gepubliceerd op 21 oktober 2018 om 16:13

We had PANIC this afternoon..... We have an outside kitchen with a grass roof, like all the houses in the villages have. Sunday evening our supper has chips, and we fry them ourselves. Before we had an electric fry pan for that, but that pan was overworked and since that time we do it with oil on the charcoal stove... And that went wrong today.....The fire went in the oil and we had a fire..., we tried to stop it with putting lids on it, it was too much, everyone went for sand to throw on it, but it was too much and the flames went high towards the roof. It was panic, everyone was trying to help, the people from the clinic next door came to look and some men came to help, we got buckets, basins and I got the hose and we tried to water the roof, but it was too much... One of the men climbed up and with the hose he was able to stop the flames. The staff started to pull the grass down and threw water on it. I got the car out, which was parked next to the kitchen. We made it!!!! It was so close to the home, I was almost starting to get the baby's out.... When everything was over, my legs were trembling, it was very close to a disaster. ... We do have fire extinguishers, but yesterday the fire brigade came to pick them, to refill them and they used the opportunity to give a lesson to the staff, how to use them, and they emptied them..... we expect them back, refilled, any moment.... and just then we have this problem....... I thank God that we could stop the fire and I thank God for the staff who were all so hard working and trying to help!!!!  We were a good team!!!

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Anneke Groenendijk
6 jaar geleden

O Els, wat moet dat schrikken zijn. Kan me nog herinneren dat er brand was bij Amun en dat was een stuk verder van het huis af. Ben blij voor je dat er verder niks is gebeurd. heel veel sterkte. Ook met het opbouwen van de keuken. Dikke knuffel dat heb je wel verdiend. Groetjes Anneke