Pre-school Graduation....

Gepubliceerd op 30 november 2018 om 17:00

Every year it is a big happening, the graduation of our Harmony Pre-school!! It is every time such a joy to see those little one's in a gown and wit a cap! They are so proud of themselves, they are still so young and innocent... There were 40 graduates, this year. It was a nice party, we started a bit late, the electricity went off, so they had to go for a generator. There were two tents, but there was so much wind (as it is the beginning of the hot season) one of the tents went almost into the air, so all the parents took their chair and moved in the shade of a big tree.

But after a little while the ceremony went fine! There were songs, memory verses, dances and of course the giving of the certificates to the graduates!

The children did a traditional dance, together with two teachers, which was a big success! After the certificates were given, all the parents came to dance!! It was such a fun!

One of the graduates was a little friend of mine!! As Amecet, we go every week to the prison in Soroti, we visit the women site and especially the women who are in prison with small children. We bring some extra food for them and soap. Three years ago we started to sponsor some little children who were 2,5 years or older to go to our Harmony Preschool. The mothers are sometimes in prison for years, the children are sometimes born in prison and they never come out. Our Harmony school bus picks them in front of the prison and brings them back at the end of the morning. This way, the children can come out and learn, they meet other children and they love it. We provide a uniform and a schoolbag with books and pencils. Today one of those children graduated today!! Her mother is already out of prison and now cares for her child. It was so nice to see this happy girl!!

I pray that all those children will get a chance to get many more certificates and diploma's!! It was a joy to see them receive their first one,  today!!

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